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5101 SMOOCH5101 SMOOCHSMOOCH has a prepetual pucker just for you. Only 2 remain as of 2/9/2011
5103 AHHH5103 AHHHThe secret to true human contentment lies in having a thankful dragon nearby.
5106 Grumpf5106 GrumpfThis handy dragon absorbs bad moods. When you need to cheer up, spend time with Grumpf.
5107 Droop5107 DroopBeen burning the candle at both ends? One look at droop and you'llhave lots of energy.
5109 Rah Rah5109 Rah RahAfter lots of hard work and a job well done, you will get a big boost from this super character.
5111 Niggles5111 NigglesIf you sometimes forget or procrastinate, Niggles is the dragon for you. He is a perfect pest.
5112 Yikes5112 YikesStress is good for dragons, helps them sleep at night. Do Yikes a favor, he needs stress.
5114 A OK5114 A OKThere is skill to the art of being right. This dragon is the expert.
5115 Ponder5115 PonderHe may not solve all your problems, but he sure will think about them.
5117 Spot5117 SpotLost something? Spot is the master of sleuthology, but he doesn't do lost socks.
5119 Spud5119 SpudCouch Potatoing is an art. Learn the finer techniques from the master Spud.
5120 Yahoo5120 YahooYou are great! Smile and let Yahoo tell the world.
5121 Mug5121 MugMug was born with a perfect smile and never stops. Are you camera shy? Not anymore.
5122 Thug5122 ThugHe can handel all verbal attacks and teach you more. But, never touch him in anger, or he will fall apart.
5201 Talon5201 TalonHe rules the Keep with an iron fist and a soft heart. Mischievous Hatchlettes have been known to scatter when he casts an eye in their direction.
Replacement Crystals (Dragon Keep)Swarovski multifaceted crystals. These are the original crystals used on the Dragon Keep dragons before changing to the solid round balls.
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